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No-Code Platform
for NFTs


FUNGI is a no-code tool for NFTs. We empower our customers to build, automate, and innovate with NFTs — all without writing any code. 


Creators, brands and businesses can unlock new economic opportunities and build communities through NFTs, while retaining complete control over their products.



Custom NFT projects with minimal costs

Most brands want to launch their NFT collections through their own channels and use commercial platforms as secondary markets. 


FUNGI gives your team a powerful toolkit to create and sell custom NFTs, at a fraction of the cost of coding custom smart contracts.

Robust tools for brands and businesses

We empower creators, artists, brands and businesses to build custom smart contracts, build communities and unlock new economic opportunities. 


Every transaction happens on blockchain, creating a safe and tamper-proof record of the history.


Success Stories

ZOAN, a leading global VR studio, is building a photorealistic metaverse experience, featuring a volcanic island, 


The land in Cornerstone is bought and sold as NFTs. This guarantees the authenticity of land possession by registering every transaction on the blockchain.

Our Role

FUNGI helped ZOAN to create a NFT ecosystem that supports the metaverse. The first NFTs of were sold exclusively through the FUNGI platform. 


A total of approximately 100 virtual land parcels will be available for sale, ranging in price from €10,000 to more than €20 million, making one of the most valuable land sales in the metaverse to date.

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